​​ Don't accept a cheap, bulky imitation...
There's only ONE original
mouth guard!

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Whether for basketball, soccer, rugby, hockey, field hockey, football, snowboarding or anything else that will chip or break your teeth
​​​​​LiteBITE is the thinnest, lightest and the most comfortable,
Hands down!

Breathe, drink, and clearly talk!

...The 1000's of bulky imitations aren't even on the same playing field!
​​Proudly, all of our products are made in the U.S.A.! 

"My daughter was fortunately wearing hers yesterday when she took a ball straight into her face which shattered her eyeglasses, but there was no damage inside her mouth! Thanks so much!
- Layla, Plano, TX-

"I have been used to bulky guards my whole life. I used the LiteBITE you sent me all weekend. Pretty sweet and low profile!
-Noel, Plano, TX-

Just so you know...
​We hear that Athletes often roll their mouthguards in their gym socks or just throw them loose into their gym bag--You shouldn't have to do that! So we're helping you guard your guard so that it can stay clean, safe, and looking good, much like you!
While wearing LiteBITE, you can breathe and drink easily and even speak clearly!
Some sports that customers report using ONLY LiteBITE for include basketball, football, rugby, soccer, lacrosse, and even snowboarding and BMX racing!
About LiteBITE
 LiteBITE uses
 magic plastic used by NASA that shrink-wraps onto your teeth for a perfect light, flexible guard you can
drink, talk, and breathe with! 
Yes...even with braces!
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​at Night and at The Office

For nighttime teeth-grinding and daytime teeth-clenching:
There's Nothing better for
Protecting your teeth from the stress and tension in your life!

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Lite​BITE is so
Easy  to Fit!
This is all you need to fit your Litebite perfectly
-Read/watch directions
-Boil water
-Boil Litebite for 10 seconds
-Maybe 15 seconds later,
it's done!
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