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The ONLY product on the market that gives you what you paid hundreds for from a dentist! Don't accept a cheap, bulky imitation...There's only ONE  original 

Game ON!​
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​​​It's the thinnest, lightest, most comfortable clear mouthguard on the market, and that makes it the best, and don't you deserve the best?

Made at home using boil and bite!!

Proudly, And all of our products are made in the U.S.A.! 
Our mouthguards were developed in and are made in North Texas, and our carry cases are made in California.​ :) 

Who Needs a Mouthguard??​​​​

Answer: Athletes who like their teeth unchipped and who don't like cut lips--pretty much everybody!  ​​

A Few Reviews from Some LiteBITE Friends:
"We have tried other mouthguards, but this one is the best one we've ever tried because it fits perfectly, it's comfortable, I can breathe and talk."  James S., Houston, TX​​

"I've bought a number of other mouthguards for my kids, but if they aren't comfortable, they don't want to wear them. They love wearing the LiteBITE Mouthguard! AND I didn't have to spend $400 at the dentist to get the same thing! SO glad we found this. Thanks!" Hannah G., Colorado Springs, CO

I wanted one like Dirk Nowitski wears, and this is the same thing, light, clear, looks great, almost can't see it! Easy to fit and wear.
The LiteBITE is the best mouthguard I ever bought! Jesse M., Louisville, KY 

"I bought a dang mouthguard from the dentist, and I had to go through all of the steps, biting into the molding stuff, waiting for the lab to make it, it cost me 350 bucks, and I didn't like wearing the thing. I tried this LiteBITE, and it's WAY better than wearing that one from the dentist, so I wear this one at night instead. Just wIsh I'd tried this one first! -Jim C., Dallas, TX
Here is a favorite review by a young athlete who posted his experience on YouTube:

A Bit About the LiteBITE
Our Story
Our Product
So Quick and Easy to Fit!
Made using the same material dental labs use, LiteBite Mouthguards are proudly made in Texas, USA, and although they are the same as dentists make, ours are
That's the game changer!
Originally developed for basketball, the Litebite is versatile and is brilliant for so many additional sports! 
Fantastic for basketball, football, soccer, field hockey, rugby, bmx biking, weight-training, water skiing, and the list just goes on. Also great for bruxation (teeth clenching and grinding). 

This is your solution! 
I can't even count the number of people who have bought it for that reason and are so thrilled. It's the same thing! Actually, it's better (said a reviewer who's worn both), because the one from the dentist doesn't have the bite impressions from your teeth's biting surface, and this difference makes it more comfortable, said he! 

So simple, yet so good!

This is all you need to fit your Litebite perfectly:
-You practice
-You boil water
-You boil Litebite for 10 seconds
-maybe 15 seconds later, it's done!

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Developed Alongside a Dental Lab Technician
LiteBite Mouthguards are the favorite choice among sports teams, coaches, and athletes who want to experience excellent comfort and outstanding protection that you otherwise only can get at the dentist, but at a much better price. Developed alongside a dental lab technician, we can tell you that these were designed to be undetectably different from the ones made in a lab. Check it out!

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